Hosted by the Construction and Demolition Association of Ohio (CDAO) and the Recycling Certification Institute (RCI), this one-day training is for recyclers and for potential evaluators in the RCI program.  CDAO and RCI, in conjunction with the Ohio EPA, have developed a training program with criteria specifically for use in Ohio related to the disposal of C&DD residuals in C&DD landfills.

If you are a potential evaluator for RCI, you must have five years of experience with Ohio C&DD laws and operations. This person must also receive training on RCI systems and programs prior to becoming an approved evaluator.  The required training will be available in person March 26th.  The evaluator will be responsible for auditing a facility and its books for records and accuracy, as well as signing the evaluators report.  Please RSVP if you want to receive the evaluator training.  Evaluators will receive the course information for review before the day of the training.

The morning session will outline two programs that will use the RCI system in Ohio.  The first of which is for the disposal of residuals from C&DD recycling facilities at C&DD disposal facilities and the other is for the beneficial use of fines from a C&DD recycling facility.  While not everyone will need to be involved in the afternoon session, we encourage all facilities to come learn about the program in the morning.

Please click here CDA-RCI-OEPA Training Flyer 2015 for the location, agenda, and Registration Form for this training.  Whether you plan to attend all day or only the morning, Pre-Registration is required for potential RCI Evaluators and highly encouraged for all others (box lunches will be provided).  Potential Evaluators are also asked to register on the RCI website:

Thank you to CEC for their generosity in providing meeting space for us to use in Columbus!  We hope all can come and learn about the program, which we believe will greatly benefit the industry and regulators.

This program is funded through a Special Assistance Grant from the Ohio EPA and by the CDAO.

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