Evaluation Bodies

The Evaluation Bodies on this list have been approved for the evaluation of C&D facility recovery and recycling rates in accord with the protocols and standards of the Recycling Certification Institute (RCI). Each of the lead evaluators has been trained in the protocols and standards of the Institute.

RCI’s Strategy for Managing Conflict of Interest

Independent third party evaluation is required for all projects to substantiate the recovery and recycling assertions made within the participating C&D Recycling Facility’s Application for Certification.  Evaluation helps to assure that recovery and recycling data reported to the Institute in the facility’s Application for Certification are real, permanent, enforceable, verifiable and above all else – credible. The Institute has a rigorous process in place to train, and oversee evaluators to ensure its high standards are being met.  As a part of the oversight process, the Institute assesses the objectivity and impartiality of its evaluation bodies and individual evaluators for every project before any evaluation activity may begin.  We do this through application of a Facility-Specific Conflict of Interest Assessment. This process supports the transparency and integrity of the data contained within the Institute and maintains that evaluations are conducted in a consistent and comparable manner across facilities.  Click here to read more about RCI’s Strategy for Managing Conflict of Interest.


Approved Evaluation Bodies

Sustainable Solutions Consulting William Smith (L) 6/18/2018
RwRStrategies Randall Russell (L) 4/27/2021
R3 Consulting Group, Inc. Ryan Calkins 3/6/2021
R3 Consulting Group, Inc. Rose Radford 3/6/2021
Kelly Runyon Kelly Runyon (L) 6/22/2020
RC Consultants Robert Hosier (L/O) 10/6/2019
R3 Consulting Group, Inc. Garth Schultz (L) 11/23/2018
R3 Consulting Group, Inc. Emily Morse 11/23/2018
ESMG, Inc. Michael Buono (L) 9/10/2018
Kies Strategies Delyn Kies (L) 7/14/2018
DeFeo Associates Wayne DeFeo (L) 4/10/2018
Accountable Recycling Options, LLC Joseph Abraham (L) 3/30/2015




(L) Lead Evaluator
(O) Ohio Protocol Authorized