Projects taking their C&D materials to RCI-Certified Facilities are required to do less separation of materials, or none at all, in some cases.  The Pilot Credit point (MRpc87) still applies for LEED v3 and v4 projects Registered with USGBC.  Click below to view the downloadable Summer 2019 Update document for details plus Q&A.



Information necessary to gain a better understanding of the Institute’s approach and to apply for certification of a C&D recycling facility is available for download from this page.  The Institute recommends facilities review the Application for Certification to develop an understanding of what they might expect of an evaluation and a general understanding of the program.  The Application for Certification is an MS Word document and is intended to be used for direct entries by the facility and then submitted electronically to RCI.



Companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, etc., considering becoming an evaluation body for the Institute should review the Invitation to Apply for Approval as an Evaluation Body.  You can find a link to the Application on this page

Additional documents will be provided as part of the training process and are for use by trained Evaluators only.  A sample of forms to be provided through applying and training include:

  • Application for Approval as an Evaluator
  • Evaluators Manual 2.0
  • Sampling Protocol
  • Conflict of Interest Statement
  • Facility-specific Conflict of Interest
  • Conflict of Interest Mitigation Form


Facilities and Evaluators must use the most current version of protocols, manuals and forms.  This requirement is maintained even if protocol, manual or form revisions are posted during an ongoing application or evaluation process.


To learn more about the USGBC LEED MRpc87 Pilot Credit, click here to view a downloadable RCI Benefits Brochure.