RCI Adds New Certified Facilities

If you have been following our progress, you’ve probably noticed the ongoing updates on our web page and, most notably, the recent changes to our Facilities page for Registered and Certified Facilities.  We are excited to announce that Broad Run Recycling in Manassas, VA and Zanker Road Resource Management in San Jose, CA have been added to the Certified Facilities page.

For Broad Run Recycling, RCI performed a Re-certification of their mixed C&D operation.  For Zanker Road Resource Management, RCI performed Certifications of their four individual lines–Wood and Yard Waste, Concrete, Sheetrock, and Shingle Recycling.  You can visit our Certified Facilities page and see how these facilities perform.

Congratulations to Broad Run Recycling and Zanker Road Resource Management!

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