Please have this information available before visiting the “Get Started” page:

Facility Information

  • Name of the facility
  • Street address of the facility (P.O. Box not acceptable)
  • Name of the city in which facility is located, state and postal code
  • Facility type — Mixed C&D or Single Material
  • Scale(s) certified or not — are required for Certification
  • Permits – state/local Registration Number or state/local permit number
  • Hours of facility operation
  • Current tons of Inbound and Outbound materials


Facility Contact Information

  • Name of company contact person
  • Position/title
  • Email address
  • Main telephone number where facility contact can be reached
  • Office telephone number
  • Website address
  • Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) member number, if applicable
  • Credit card information