Certification Process and Rates

Please check the “Requirements” page so you have all the information you need to proceed. Click “Get Started” when you are ready to enter your information and submit the Registration Application form when you have completed it. The Recycling Certification Institute (RCI) will process your information and send you an authorization to complete the Registration process. To become Certified, ALL facilities must first Register.  A simple overview of Registration and Certification is below.  We wrote an article providing a more detailed description of the process for Construction & Demolition Recycling and you can find that in our “Latest News Archives” here.


Being Registered means that a facility has been approved to upload and “Self-Report” its facility data. That information will be used to establish a preliminary and un-audited re-use, recycling, and recovery rating for the facility. The facility will be published on RCI’s web page of Registered facilities, but will not be included on the list of Certified facilities unless approved through the Certification process.

There will be an initial charge of $400 per line/operation for all Registration applicants.  Registration is good for a period up to one year.  This period may be extended at RCI’s discretion if the facility has submitted a completed Application for Certification and/or is making progress toward Certification.


The Certification process may vary depending on the size and type of facility, but remains consistent in applying standard protocols to measure and account for a facility’s materials input and output to determine overall facility re-use, recycling, and recovery performance. After you are Registered, RCI will contact you regarding your Registration submittal to discuss any additional required information or clarification of entries. This would typically include weight tickets, sales receipts, as well as scheduling a visit of your facility to conduct an Evaluation.

The overall objectives of applying the Certification standard are to:

  • Provide a procedure for accounting for the materials inputs and outputs of a facility over a specified period of time.
  • Provide an objective, transparent, and not unduly costly process for eligible firms seeking to communicate their reuse, recycling, and recovery of C&D materials.
  • Provide users of Certified facilities an assurance that the procedures and declarations are consistently applied and verified.


Registration and Certification Rates

All facilities will be charged a $400 rate to Register a Mixed or Single Material line and have that line listed on RCI’s website.

Members of the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) receive a discounted rate as indicated in the current rate sheet.

Certification rates are based on the type of facility/line and CDRA member status.  For example, Certification of a Mixed C&D line/operation generally requires more time than that of a Single Line operation (concrete, wood, shingles, etc.), thus the rate differential reflects the level of effort associated with certifying the two types of operations.

A Certification is good for a period of five years, subject to an annual Recertification charge.  After five years a facility must undergo the Certification process again.

Click here for RCI’s Rates